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( Bill Gates Biography ) Entrepreneur and businessman Bill Gates and his business partner Paul Allen founded and built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive business strategy.

In the process, Gates became one of the richest individuals in the world. February 2014 At, Gates announced that he was stepping down as president of Microsoft to focus on charitable work at his foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

early life Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates’s full name is William Henry Gates. Born gates 28 October 1955 Took place in Seattle, Washington. Gates grew up in a high-middle-class family with his older sister, Christian, and younger sister, Libby. His father, William H. Gates Sr., was a promising, somewhat shy, law student when he met his future wife, Mary Maxwell. She was an athletic, outgoing student at the University of Washington, actively involved in student affairs and leadership.

The Gates family atmosphere was warm and close, and all three children were encouraged to be competitive and strive for excellence. Gates showed early signs of competition when he coordinated family athletic games at his summer home on Puget Sound. He also hesitated playing board games and excelled at Monopoli.

Gates’s mother, Mary Gates, who after a brief career devoted her time as a teacher to raising children and working on civil affairs and with charity. He also served on a number of corporate boards including First Interstate Bank in Seattle at United and International Business Machines (IBM). She often took Gates along when she volunteered in schools and community organizations.

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Education of bill gates

Gates was a huge reader as a child, spending many hours focusing on reference books such as encyclopedias. Although he was strong believers in public education, when Gates 13 years Kay, her parents enrolled her at Lakeside School for special preparation in Seattle. He blossomed in almost all his subjects despite excelling in mathematics and science, but also doing very well in drama and English.

At Lakeside School, a Seattle computer company offered to provide computer time for students. The Mother’s Club used the proceeds from the school’s roomage cell to purchase a teletype terminal for students to use. Gates became familiar with what a computer can do and spends most of its free time working on a terminal.

They BASIC One in computer language tic-tac-toe Program created. It was a game that allowed users to play against the computer. Gates The year 1973 I graduated from Lakeside. He in college’s SAT exam 1600 Out of 1590 score Was mixed.

Microsoft company founder

1975 In, Gates and Allen together founded the Microsoft company. The company’s first product was basic software that ran on Altair computers. Although Microsoft’s BASIC software program for Altair computers paid the company fees and royalties, it was not meeting their overhead. According to Gates’s later account, about 10 percent of people using BASIC in Altair computers actually paid for it.

Microsoft’s BASIC software was popular with computer enthusiasts who received pre-market copies and were distributing them for free. At this time, many personal computer enthusiasts were not in it for the money. He felt that ease of reproduction and distribution allowed him to share the software with friends and fellow computer enthusiasts. Gates thought differently. They saw the free distribution of the software as theft, especially when the software involved was sold.

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February 1976 In, Gates wrote an open letter to computer enthusiasts, stating that the distribution and use of software without paying for it “Good software will prevent it from being written.” In short, peering will discourage software developers from investing time and money in creating quality software. The letter was unpopular with computer enthusiasts, but Gates would stick to his beliefs and use the threat of innovation as a hedge when faced with accusations of unfair business practices.

Gates had a sharp relationship with MITS President Ed Roberts, often resulting in shouting matches. Roberts faced combative skirmishes in the direction of software development and business. Roberts considered Gates bad and obnoxious. In 1977, Roberts sold MITS to another computer company and moved back to Georgia to enter medical school and become a doctor.

Gates and Allen were on their own. The pair had to sue the new owner of the MTIS to develop them for Altair. Microsoft wrote software in different formats for other computer companies, and in early 1979, Gates moved the company’s operations to Belvette, Washington, east of Seattle. Gates was delighted to be home again in the Pacific Northwest and found himself employed. All 25 employees of the young company had extensive responsibilities for all aspects of operations, product development, business development and marketing.

Although the company was unstoppable, by 1979 Microsoft was almost $ 2.5 million Was earning 23 years At the age of, Gates positioned himself as the head of the company. With his skills for software development and deep business understanding, he led the company and served as its spokesperson. Gates personally reviewed every line of code sent by the company, often rewriting the code when necessary.

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