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Meghnad Saha Biography

Meghnad Saha was a great Indian astronomer. He was a scientist who made his significant contribution in the field of astronomy. He founded the Saha equation, the theory of ionization, the Institute of Thermal, Nuclear Physics, and the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

The results of research conducted by Meghnad in the field of astronomy were far-reaching and effective and most of the later research is considered to be based on his principles. The Saha equation proposed by him became quite popular, this equation explains the physical and chemical conditions in stars.

He was a great astronomer as well as a freedom fighter. Who made significant contribution in the field of Indian calendar. So let’s know about the life of Meghnad Saha, the great Indian astronomical scientist of India-

Biography of famous Indian astronomer Meghnad Saha Ji – Meghnad Saha

Meghnad Saha Biography at a Glance – Meghnad Saha Information

Full Name Meghnath Saha
Birthday October 6, 1893, Shiortali Village, East Bengal
Father Name Jagannath Saha
Mother Name Bhuvaneshwari Devi
Education B.Sc, M.S. C
Death 16 February 1956

Meghnath Saha Ji’s birth, family and early life – Meghnad Saha Biography

Dr. Meghnath Sahaji, the great astronomer of India, was born in a poor family on 6 October 1893 in village Shaoratoli, adjoining Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

His mother’s name was Bhuvaneshwari Devi and father’s name was Jagannath Saha, a small businessman, due to which Meghnath ji had to face a lot of financial troubles in the beginning. Even getting education in the financial crisis was no less than a big challenge for Meghnath ji.

Meghnath Saha’s education and early career – Meghnad Saha Education

Meghnath ji had his early education at the Collegiate School in Dhaka. He was very promising since childhood and also surprised the teachers with his questions. His teachers also recognized his unique talent, so he asked Meghnad ji’s brother to continue his further studies, after which his brother collected money for his brother’s education with the help of a local doctor. .

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However, after seeing Meghnad ji’s ability, he also started getting scholarship, after which he studied at Dhaka College. After this Meghnad Saha completed his BSc graduation in Presidency College, Kolkata. From 1923 to 1938 Meghnath ji served as Professor in Allahabad University.

After this, he remained Professor and Dean of Science Faculty at Calcutta University from 1956 until his death. In the year 1927, Meghnath Sahaji was appointed as a member of the Royal Society and in 1934 he served as the President of the Indian Science Congress.

Meghnath Saha’s role in freedom movement – Meghnad Saha as Freedom Fighter

While Meghannath ji was studying for his school, the Governor of Bengal was coming to inspect his school, which was opposed by many students, and Meghnath ji was also among those students.

Due to which the school administration had also stopped the scholarship given to Meghnath ji, not only that, he was also thrown out of school. However, he later took admission in a private school.

Great scientist made with the advice of Jagdish Chandra Basu – Scientist Meghnad Saha

When Meghnath Saha took admission in the Presidency College for his graduation, the great scientists Jagdish Chandra Basu and Prafulla Chand Rai were his teachers. Then one day Jagdish Chandra Basu asked him to strengthen his grip on physics and advised to come to his library.

After this, whenever Meghnad ji used to get time, he used to reach Jagdish Chandra Basu’s library and then listened and worked with Dr. Basu’s instructions very carefully. After this, his trend started with scientific discoveries and later Meghnad Saha made his significant contribution in the field of science by making great discoveries in the field of physical and astronomy.

Contributed significantly to Astro Physics – Meghnad Saha Invention

When Dr. Meghnad Saha ji was making new innovations in Physics, he did a deep study of subjects like Thermo Relativity, Dynamics and Automatic Theory and at the same time he made many discoveries to solve problems related to Astro Physics, and later He also became famous worldwide for his discoveries.

His discovery of thermal ionization is considered to be his major discovery. Through their ionization formula, astronomers have been able to get information about the internal temperature and pressure of the Sun and other stars.

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Meghnad Saha’s contribution was not only limited to astronomy but he also participated in the freedom campaign from Bahot. He wanted to bring India a respectable identity in the eyes of the world. People will always remember his incredible contribution.

Establishment of many institutes to promote science – Meghnad Saha Institute Of Technology

Dr. Meghnad Saha ji has established several institutes for the promotion of science, he first established the National Academy of Sciences at Prayag and then laid the foundation of the National Institute of Sciences of India, the Indian Physical Society. After this, Meghnath ji started the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in 1951 on the strength of his hard efforts.

Not only this, Meghnath Saha ji also established the International Astronomy Association and in 1953 played his role as Director of Indian Science Association. Apart from this, he also started a magazine called Science and Clutch to explain the aspects of science to people in easy language.

Write many books of science, fill the shortage of books – Meghnad Saha Books

When Dr. Meghnath Saha, the great scientist of India, used to do his research, due to lack of science books in the country, books had to be sourced from abroad, when Dr. Meghnath Saha realized the lack of books, he shared his experiences. And wrote many books based on research.

Among the books written by him, Theory of Heat and Modern Physics is considered to be the most prominent. His books are taught in almost all schools / colleges in the country.

Meghnad Saha as Member of Parliament:

Meghnad Saha was a great astronomical scientist of India as well as a member of Parliament. He stood as an independent candidate in the country’s first general election held in 1952 after the independence of the country, and in this election he won from Calcutta by a huge vote. He worked with the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the National Planning Committee.

Meghnad Saha – a great social worker:

Meghnad Saha being a scientistWas also a great social worker, He faced a lot of poverty and economic difficulties in childhood., So when Bengal was partitioned, they went ahead to help the affected people. Along with this, he found out the causes of floods and studied how to prevent them., So that no person can be affected by the flood.

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Major achievements of Meghnath Saha – Meghnad Saha Achievements

The great astronomical scientist of India Meghnath Saha ji made his significant contribution in the field of astronomy, in view of his merit, the Government of India made him the chairman of the committee constituted for the reform of Panchaghas prevalent in different states and regions of the country Was. The committee had worked hard towards resolving these contradictions.

  • Saha contributed to astronomical science by rendering the equation.
  • Establishment of the Indian Association for the Cultivation Science.
  • Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • Meghnad Saha Jeeva Important role in the theory of thermal ionization.
  • Meghnad also played an important role in the research conducted on Hailey Comet.

The impact of the discoveries made by Meghnad Saha in the field of astronomy remained far-reaching and many subsequent research is believed to be based on the principles of Meghnad Saha. Along with being an astronomical scientist, he was also a freedom fighter and member of Parliament, who made his significant contribution in the field of the Indian calendar.

Meghnath Saha ji gets international award – Meghnad Saha Awards

Meghnad Saha ji has been awarded many great awards for his significant contribution in the field of astronomy. He was appointed as a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of London. In the year 1934, due to the amazing imagination power of Meghnathji, he got the opportunity to preside over the Indian Science Congress.

Along with this, a committee was formed by the Government of India for calendar reform, with Meghnath Saha ji as its chairman.

When Meghnath Saha said goodbye to this world – Meghnad Saha Death

The great scientist of India Meghnad Saha ji died of heart attack on February 16, 1956, when he was going to attend a meeting of the Scientific Planning Commission held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Meghnad Saha ji may not be present among us today, but he will always be remembered for his remarkable discoveries in the field of astronomy.

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