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Mr Faisu Biography: Faizu, known today as Duniya Tick Talk Star. You will get full information about Faizu in the biography of Faizu here.

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TikTok Star Mr Faisu Biography Is and if they see their fan followers, then their fan followers are in crores. TikTok Star Mr Faisu is from middle class family. Faisu had an early life salesman But he got good response when he started making videos on Tick Talk and today Faisu is a star.

He still remembers his time when he used to do a small job but over time his fortune opened up and he is an artist today. In Dunia, his name is largely on the tongue of the people.

Mr. Faisal Shaikh TikTok Star Being by him Team 07 A video was made by KK which was not liked by people at all and TikTok also banned Faisu along with his Tiktok account.

But after a long time, TikTok Company released Faisu and his team of 07 Tiktok Account Has opened again. Which has got a very good response from people.

Faisu that he got a starring role in many songs and also became popular after watching Amazing Acting.

TikTok Star Mr Faisu Biography

Mr. Faisu’s real name / full name Sheikh Mudassir Faisal
Mr. By faisu profession Modeling, actor, social
Mr. Faisu gained fame Tik-Tok is famous on Instagram, YouTube

TikTok Star Mr Faisu Wiki, Height, Body

Mr. Faisu height (approx) 5 feet 9 inches
Mr. Weight of Faisu (approx) 60-65 kg (approx)
Mr. Faisu’s body Fit body
Mr. Faisu’s eye color Black
Mr. Faisu’s Hair Color Black

Mr Faisu Wikipedia

Mr. Faisu age 7 October, 1994
Ages 25 years (as of 2020)
birth place Mumbai, India
the Zodiac I do not know.
the nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai, India
Debut Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram
Instagram Sheikh Mudassir Faisal
religion Islam
Hobby Modeling and acting
Education IES New English School (Bandra, Mumbai)
Graduate education Completed education from Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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Mr Faisu 07 Biography 

Favourite Actor Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh
favorite actress Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Disha Patani
favorite food Chicken Biryani
Favorite team All members of Tick Talk Team 07

Faisal Shaikh Biography

Mr Faisu Wife Name Not married yet. (2020)
Mr Faisu Girlfriend Name Nothing. (March 2020)
wife Are not. (2020)
Mr. Faisu net worth 2020
Faisu Net Worth 2020 40 – 50 Lakh
Advertisement Fees N / A
Mr Faisal Shaikh Wikipedia


Faisu Instagram Pic


Mr. Faisu was born on 7 October 1994 in Mumbai. Mr. Faisu is from a middle class family. He has seen ordinary life since childhood and his family is also a small family. Mr. Faisu’s full name Sheikh Mudassir Faisal is.

Mr. Faisu’s own studies in Mumbai IES New English School (Bandra, Mumbai) Mr. Faisu completed his schooling from and graduated from the College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce).

Mr. Faisu was very fond of acting and dancing since childhood, due to which he started making his videos viral through Tiktok. Mr. Faisu’s acting began to appeal to Duniya and he created an image in the eyes of the world.

Mr. Faisu gives his full focus to acting, fashion blogging and YouTube, TikTok. Mr Faisu TikTok Star After becoming popular.

Mr. Faisu’s popularity is nothing short of a celebrity. Mr. Faisu Tiktok Account Followers Approx 25.2 million There are some nearby

Mr. Faisu Instagram Account Followers 11 Million Huh. Right now Mr Faisu is India’s most popular Tiktok star.

Mr. faisu has become India’s most popular Tiktok star. Mr faisu has contributed to many songs so far. Such as –

Faisu New Song

Menu tu fruity lagdi hai, thark, Viah Nai Karauna, Kali Meri Gaddi, Ishq fake.

Mr. Faisu previously worked as a salesman in a company. His life has changed after hard work and God’s blessings.

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Mr. Faisu’s favorite actors Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Kapoor and favorite actress Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Disha Patani. Travelling, photoshooting Faizu, Songs Love to hear.

Mr Faisu since many days Jannat Zubair Rahmani Are in friendship with. Mr. Faisu’s Friends Group “Team 07” Which is very popular on TikTok.

Mr Faisu has frequently collaborated with Bollywood and Tv Show stars such as Ajaz khan, Jannat Jubera Tick Talk and Aashika Bhatia and mr faisu has one of his own Hayabusa white color, Red Royal Enfield Bike Are also.

Mr. Faisu’s Dream

Mr Faisu Tik Tok


Mr Faisu One Industrialist Wanted to be But due to his fondness of Mr Faisu, he Musically (TikTok) Started making videos on. In the initial video of Mr Faisu, he used to make videos of laughter jokes.

Initially, Mr Faisu could not give full focus to the tiktok video. But when he started getting good response, he left everything TikTok Video Focused on making. Initially there were less likes and views.

Faasu was disappointed to see less views and comments, so one day his friend Adnaan Shaikh Motivated him and after that he continued to make videos, the number of likes and views started increasing. People’s Faisu’s tick talk video I started having fun.

Again because of people’s love Mr. Faisu He went on to make quality videos one after the other, people started getting love from him and in the same way he became famous among the people.

There was a time when Mr Faisu was called on an event by people in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Faisu made and posted a video in which the name of the hotel came out and the fan followers of Mr Faisu got to know about him. Walked After that, there was such a public gathering that the event had to be stopped there.

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If people find out the address of Mr. Faisu only after the address is found, then it is not difficult to guess their fan followings.

Fen Following is not only in India but in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Why was Mr Faisu 07 ID blocked?

Mr Faisu had become a good artist and he started getting a lot of work but one day he made a video which people and the Indian government themselves did not like this video.

Mr Faisu had spoken provocative words about religion in this video, due to which people started calling him bad and he came under target of trolls. Due to this mistake, his account was also suspended and people also filed a case against him.

Their On tik-tok 25 million followers And 11 million followers on Instagram Huh. Mr Faisu realized his mistake and the entire team 07 came out and apologized and was requested by the TIKTOK Company several times to get his ID back, but lost.

But he did not give up, he started making videos again. Fazu’s Tiktok account suspended That is why today he used to be more active on Instagram.

Tick ​​Talk sometimes made videos with his friends. But by being more active on Instagram, his continuous fan following had increased and friends he Two music albums He also got a lot of love from people.

Due to the love of the people, you may also be seen in Mr. Faisu Big-Boss. Mr Faisu is also now getting offers for films.

Mr Faisu’s ID has been resumed as the entire Team 07 can be seen again on Tick Talk as TikTok resumed his ID.

Mr Faisu Tik Tok New Video 2020
@ mr_faisu_07 ## duet with @nabeeljeewa Enjoyed grooving? ## faisusquad ♬ Skechers – DripReport

Friends hope you Mr Faisu Biography Would have liked and request you to tell us what you know about Mr Faisu and we will share it on our site.

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