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Dr. Hargovind Khurana biography, Birthday, Death, Awards

Dr. Hargovind Khurana biography Dr. Hargovind Khurana Ji was a great Indian-American scientist who decoded DNA and played an important role in laying the foundation of gene engineering. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for better demonstrating the role of nucleitides in protein synthesis, so let us know about the life of

Dr. Hargovind Khurana Biography, Birthday, Death, Career

Dr. Hargovind Khurana Biography Birth: 9 January 1922, Raipur, Multan (now in Pakistan) The death: November 9, 2011, Concord, Massachusetts, USA Scope of work: Molecular Biology Institutions: MIT (1970–2007), University of Wisconsin, Madison (1960–70), University of British Columbia (1952–60), University of Cambridge (1950–52), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (1948–49 ), Punjab University, University of