Zalak Desai Biography, Age, Height in Feet, Career, Birthday

Hello guys today i am going to tell Zalak Desai biography About, Jhalak Desai is an Indian television actress. Jhalak Desai is a very beautiful actress. Jhalak Desai has worked in many serials in the television industry.

Jhalak Desai is known for serials like TV serial Mouth Boli Shaadi, Saajan Ghar Jaana Hai, Lado 2, Ek Rishta Saharangi Ki etc. If you don’t know about them, then let me tell you about them, so let’s start.

Name Jhalak Desai
Nick name Glimpse
Date of birth 20 December 1992
Ages 28 years (2020)
birth place Mumbai, Maharashtra
The profession Actress
religion Hindu
Citizenship Indian
marital status Single
height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 53 kg
Interest Walking and dancing, reading
Zalak Desai biography 

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Zalak Desai biography

Jhalak Desai was born in a Hindu family. Jhalak Desai was born on 20 December 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Jhalak Desai is almost 28 years old. Jhalak Desai is a very beautiful and stylish actress. Jhalak Desai was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Jhalak Desai lives in Mumbai Maharashtra. Jhalak Desai is very fond of reading, walking and dancing. Jhalak Desai is a fitness freak actress, Jhalak Desai does yoga every day. Jhalak Desai is also very fond of dancing.

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Zalak Desai biography

Zalak Desai family

Jhalak Desai belongs to a Hindu family. Jhalak Desai’s mother’s name is Phalguni Desai and father’s name is not known. We will try to give you the update as soon as we get the information. Jhalak is Desai’s brother and sister is not known. Jhalak Desai loves his parents very much. Jhalak Desai is the darling daughter of her parents.

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Zalak Desai parents

Zalak Desai education

Jhalak Desai has completed his early schooling from RN Shah International School. After this, he completed his college studies from Mithibai College. Jhalak Desai has graduated in studies. Jhalak Desai was the topper student of his class. Jhalak Desai is very interested in studies. Jhalak Desai was a talented student.

Zalak Desai boyfriend

Jhalak Desai is not married yet. Jhalak Desai’s Love Affair is not known. Jhalak Desai is probably single so far and is not dating anyone. Zalak Desai biography

Zalak Desai career

Jhalak Desai got the opportunity to work on television at a very young age. In 2009, she made her television debut at the age of 16. Jhalak Desai did the TV serial “Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai”. In this serial, he played the role of Sarala Amber. After this show, she acted in many serials in the television industry.

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Jhalak Desai has starred in serials like TV serials “Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, Mouth Boli Shaadi, Siya Ram Ke, Ek Rishta Partnership Ka, Lado 2” etc. Jhalak Desai is one of the well-known actresses of television. People like them very much. People also like Jhalak Desai’s acting very much.

Zalak Desai show

  1. Want to go home
  2. Face to face marriage
  3. Siya Ram’s
  4. A relationship partnership
  5. Lado 2
  6. With salutation to Om

Jhalak Desai’s Instagram account (Zalak Desai instagram account)

Jhalak Desai has 74K followers on his Instagram account. User name on Jhalak Desai’s Instagram account zalakdesaiii is.

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